Article on the Arenanet Firings

I have an essay over at Overland on the Arenanet firings. I don’t focus on the (boring, pointless) argument as to whether or not Price was ‘right’ to be mildly rude to some streamer on the internet, but instead focus on the gendered labour issues of how gamers always side with the corporations and bosses against the workers, and how this clashes with increased expectations that developers put work into their social media presence.

Lots of other good publications on this issue, too. Polygon spoke to Price directly about the firings. Game Workers Unity put out a blunt statement. This Verge piece was some good early reporting that helped get things moving. Up until and during Gamergate, the videogame press was never very good at dealing adequately with labour issues and worker rights in the videogame industry. That’s because ‘the enthusiast press’ has historically existed to serve consumers, not workers. It’s been a lot of hard work to see this change, and it’s come too late to protect a lot of people, but it’s good to see all the same.