I have written for a lot of places around the internet. Mostly about videogames. Here are some of them.

Critical Damage

Where it all started. Critical Damage was my blog for games writing from 2008 until 2016. It predominately serves as the home for ideas that couldn’t find a home elsewhere, or ideas that flourished whilst I was unable to commit to finding them a home elsewhere. Critical Damage is effectively finished now; all future writing that would have appeared here will now be on this website.


Ungaming is a tumblr I started because I realised I was not already wasting enough of my time on social media. Mostly just reblogs, but I’ve found the format liberating for half-formed musing ideas that are not even fully fleshed out for Critical Damage. Highlights include my thoughts on the Netrunner card, Scorched Earth, and my thoughts on the game Mountain. I think by writing, and that is what Ungaming is for. Assume you are reading a first draft.

The Conversation

I was a columnist at The Conversation until recently. My column, Touch/Screen, was about games and culture in the broadest sense. Highlights include my take on Ken Levine shutting down Irrational Games, and on Jane McGonigal’s Tetris and PTSD project.


I occasionally write for Overland Journal, which has been a wonderful challenge in scoping my criticism for a broader audience not familiar with much of the jargon we often rely on when writing for more game-centric publications. I’m particularly happy with my letter to Susan Sontag and my essay on Grand Theft Auto V.


Unwinnable remains my favourite and most-respected outlet for effortlessly smart and meaningful writing around videogames and geek culture. I have written a lot of things for Unwinnable but some highlights include this essay on Tearaway and Susan Sontag, these notes on Luftrausers, this interview with Walt Williams, and this eulogy for my grandfather.

Some Games Journalism Around The Place

Just Making Things And Being Alive About It: The Queer Games Scene” – Polygon

‘I think they’re mad’: Inside a 48 hour battle to build the best video game” – Ars Technica

Just Being There: Redefining the Videogame” – Edge

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