A list of projects, past and present.

A Play of Bodies: How We Perceive Videogames

My first academic book, published by MIT Press, will be released in early 2018. This is an expansion of the theory I developed during my PhD, and it tries to find more robust and nuanced ways to talk about the meanings inherent in the embodied experience of videogame play beyond the currently restrictive language of ‘immersion’ and ‘interactivity’. You can find it on MIT Press’s website here.

Killing is Harmless: A Critical Reading of Spec Ops: The Line

I wrote a book about the game Spec Ops: The Line. A lot of people seemed to really enjoy it, and since its publication a whole range of new projects have launched with other writers turning to long-form writing and independent publishing models. You can buy Killing is Harmless from its publisher, Stolen Projects, here or Amazon here.

Modern Warfare Critical Let’s Play

I once produced a video series performing a close analyses of the Modern Warfare trilogy of games. They are available in this playlist.

Towards Dawn

Towards Dawn was a blog that went for a couple of years in which I started a new Minecraft game and walked east for over sixty in-game days. Part perma-death experiment, part Let’s-Play-Before-Let’s-Play-Was-Really-A-Thing. I put all the screenshots from the entire adventure into a video at the end of it.

Ghosts in the Machine

I co-edited an anthology of short stories about game glitches with critic Lana Polansky called Ghosts in the Machine. Lana deserves most of the credit for the idea of the book, and the authors deserve all of the credit for the great short stories, but I did co-edit it.